A Change…

We felt there was something waiting in the fog

and taking a step in that general direction

I remembered the idiots i used to yell at in all those

horror movies…

stepping forward toward that thing they feared

instead of running in the other direction…

and after all who wears heels in the middle of the forest anyway

i always wondered…

but we were standing on a dirt path

and my feet were secure in combat boots

like i was taking my warrior’s stance…

looking into the mist and thinking…

so u wanna dance?

we can do this… cause i aint never scared…

but there’s a voice calling out in pain

and it drips across my memory

a bloody oozing stain vivid through the grey

tapestry before me

it is she at 13 lonely and destroyed

a spirit lifting itself into the fog to escape the image

of his body entering and the smell of old spice

cut a slice through the fog and i turn away in fear

that i might see

but the curtain closes..and the sounds melt away…

… so is this the vision haunting her dreams

causing her to scream from the loving touch of her husband…

these attackers are innocence murderers and soul killers…

and some of these fungus infested souls

get no more than 10 years of hard time…

while our loved ones are trapped inside a cell

an emotional hell


meanwhile a young man with a small bag of weed

dies on his neighborhood streets

because he was afraid of the one meant to protect him

and another gets 30 years for possession

but these two could be the ones to grow and show a woman real love

while the system releases the feces of our society

back onto the streets…

u think this abuser registry of the dude down the street

will stop anything?

Nah…the predator will just step outside of the guarded fences

and into the fog he will wait

for you or your daughter or your son

and he will kill … but not with any of the usual weapons…

he’ll take their soul before they ever had a chance to become whole

and this is the sad truth…

a society that does not protect its youth

from attack or the perils of the streets…

so then what do we do?

throw our hands up in defeat?


this is our street, our city

this … is … our… country

and this is our world…

divided we can achieve nothing

but you have to be thinking

what can i do?

the answers stand before you

Join forces with powerful sources

similar to you…

they’re not as hard to find as you think

or reach out to offer a hand to hold

or visit the young and old and listen

and then teach

but more importantly yell it in every street

publication, or documentary… talk about, bring people together

and unite about it…

because the rebirth of the Civil Rights movement is necessary

are you with me? Or more appropriately or you with We? And He?


but you say you don’t have the time

you got a job and kids and lawd

u just want to go home and lay down

so then u accept our fate.. ur satisfied

nah .. i didn’t think so…

my love it is time that our apathy died

so murder your complacency and develop determination

your radio’s been dialed into a distorted station

so turn the dial to join with others of similar vision

we all have the same mission…

Cause Sam Cooke is still singing…

it’s been a long time coming

but I know a change gone come..

Yes it is.

*all works copyrighted – 2010*


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